The KwaZulu-Natal Blind and Deaf Society was established in 1936

...their purpose, providing services and opportunities that ultimately improve the quality of life of Blind and Partially-Sighted people. During the 1960s we extended our services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing people.

The Society currently reaches the poor, unemployed African people living in rural areas who do not have the finances or ability to receive services. The greatest challenge that the Society faces, is how to improve these unfortunate individuals quality of life. The sad situation is that these almost forgotten people are not only deprived, but also disabled, which leaves them feeling very inadequate and incapable, and the sad fact is that most of them receive no external assistance.

Mission Statement

Our Mission statement is to ensure that all Blind, Partially-Sighted, Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf blind people are integrated into the community, as members who contribute and benefit from society alongside their able-bodied counterparts who do not have these disabilities.

Vision Statement

To be the premier provider of services and opportunities that ultimately improve the quality of life of Blind, Deaf, Deaf blind persons.

alongside their able-bodied counterparts who do not have these disabilities.

Arthur Blaxall School For The Blind

The school was established in 1954, and is currently situated in Pietermaritzburg, educating Partially Sighted and Blind learners.

V N Naik School For The Deaf

Established in 1983, the school is located in Inanda (Outer Durban), educating Hard of Hearing and Deaf learners and hosting children in the school’s boarding establishment.

KZN Blind and Deaf Society 11

KwaZulu-Natal Blind & Deaf Society Board Members

Mr. Vinesh Gokool

Diploma in Business Management and Masters of Administration Degree. He is currently the Managing Director for Atlas Printers,  Dynamic Digital Print, Atlas Calenders and Diaries and Atlas Packaging.

Mr. Raven Harkoo

Bachelor of Law of Degree. Long standing attorney in KwaZulu-Natal and Litigation and Labour Specialist.

Mrs A Sewkuran

Diploma in Cost and Management Accounting, A certificate in Adult Education and Training and a BCOM Law Degree.

Mr Lalit Kumar Thakoprasad Mehta

Baccalaureus Procurations Degree. Is currently an admitted Attorney and admitted Conveyancer.

Advocate Ramesh Ramdass

Bachelor of Paedagogics, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Master of Medicine, Diploma in Family Medicine and Certificate in Medical Law. Currently practices as an Advocate, American Board of Independent Medical Examiner and is a member of the Bar Council.

Mrs Anuradha Kallideen

Bachelor of Law of Degree. Currently serving as an attorney in the Private Sector. Sits on the Rental Housing Tribunal.

Mr Deepanand Nundkissore

Diploma in Accounting and BCOM Accounting Degree. Currently serving as a practicing Chartered Accountant and Certified Financial Planner.

Mrs Anoosha Hanuman

Diploma in Library and information Technology and Diploma in Education.