The KwaZulu-Natal Blind & Deaf Society is a leading service provider in the field of Blindness and Deafness in KwaZulu-Natal.


KwaZulu-Natal Blind and Deaf Society provides a range of services to blind, partially-sighted, deaf, hard-of-hearing, and deaf-blind people in Durban and its surroundings, Chatsworth, Pinetown, Umlazi, Amanzimtoti and Durban South, Inanda, KwaMashu, Ntezuma, Phoenix, Verulam, Tongaat, Kwa Dekuza, Pietermaritzburg and Zululand. The Society’s work is substantially improving the lives of our clients, contributing to their development and independence.



The role of the Social workers and social auxiliary workers is to enable individuals who are Blind, Deaf or Deafblind to realise their maximum potential in terms of education, economic well-being and social needs. This is achieved through intake, assessment of needs, counselling and referrals according to identified needs; school placements, independence training, adult education and training, job placement and disability grant applications.


The Society’s Independence Skills Programme highlights the fact that losing sight does not automatically mean losing independence or access to social or economic activities. An important aspect of the work for Blind and Partially-Sighted people is to ensure that they have a complete understanding of space and can manage it through mobility and orientation training. Independence skills training (which includes Skills of Daily Living, Orientation and Mobility and Community Based Rehabilitation) together with appropriate support, encouragement, and resources, enables visually impaired persons to develop their full potential with an enriched life.


High levels of unemployment prove to be a particularly difficult hurdle for persons with disabilities to overcome. The KZNBDS places a strong emphasis on the placement of Blind and Deaf persons in the open labour market, and has therefore developed a Job Placement Portfolio for this purpose. Employment Equity legislation also provides opportunities for the economic integration of disabled persons into the main stream.




Working with Deafblind, Deaf and Blind people with other disabilities is complex and sensitive, but it is also vital. The Multi-Disabled Programme aims to empower the multi-disabled sector through social work. 

Not all our clients have the ability to be gainfully employed in the work environment due to the nature of their disability. The Society runs a Work Centre where basketry, beadwork and packaging is done. These projects aim to train Blind and Deaf clients in cane weaving skills, beaded jewellery, packaging techniques and entrepreneurial skills, all with the aim to increase their income. This programme would offer Blind, Partially Sighted and Deaf persons an opportunity to be economically active in society

Should you wish to purchase any of the handmade products, visit our online shop or contact 031 3094991 or email 


The KZN Blind and Deaf Society - Pietermaritzburg Rehabilitation Centre was established in 1969 to serve the needs of people with impaired sight or hearing in the Pietermaritzburg and Midlands Region.  The facility occupies 2.2 hectares of land, and houses offices, a sheltered workshop, training rooms, a hall, flatlets, cold rooms, a dining hall and a hydroponics farming project.

The Centre serves the Pietermaritzburg & Midlands Region including Polela, Richmond, Underberg, Mpendhle, Mooi River, New Hanover, Greytown, Hammersdale, Camperdown, Northdale, Copesville and Raisethorpe.